Client subscriptions are the subscriptions that your company sells. PayTracker helps you manage these subscriptions. To add a new subscription; click on the “Client Subs” button on the navigation bar.

You’re now on the client subscriptions index page. This displays all the subscriptions that you are selling. The table on this page displays the information. For instance, the services name, the clients name and financial information.

Click the “NEW SUBSCRIPTION” button to go to the correct page.

You’re on the add client subscription page, fill out all three sections of the form. The first section of the form selects which service the client is paying for. To do this, choose a service provider, this may either be your company or a company you are selling for.
Once you’ve chosen a provider you can select from their service types. Service types are the category the service is under. For example, for PayTracker this would could be “Software” or “SaaS”. Now choose the service you’re selling.


To create new providers, types & services you don’t need to go to the Settings page! If you see this plus symbol on any forms it means you can easily add that data without exiting the form.
Click the plus button and anther form will open, fill out the details requested and submit. The main form should update on the immediately, allowing you to add data on the fly!

Continue through the form. On the second page of the form add the billing information & for the final page add client data. Once you’ve completed the form, click “SUBMIT”. That’s it! You’ve now added a subscription to your client.